Thursday, March 15, 2007

Anaesthetised by Idol

Yeah, Yeah...Yesterday I'm bashing the complacent American for watching Idol on Tivo and today I'm going to admit that I watch Idol on Tivo. It's not duplicitous. I've only been blogging for three days. I'm waking up and saying my piece. My anesthesia is wearing off and it's mostly due to a kid named Sanjaya Malakar. No flu-like symptoms left. I'm hopping mad. I knew who was going to be voted off and I did my part to try and save him for at least another week, but not enough of us took the 30 seconds required to vote 6 times for Brandon. Granted, Brandon doesn't belong on the show either, but it's just not right that someone like Sanjaya even made it to the final 12. Sundance was just starting to get in his groove, and I know there were three or four more out there that the three headed monster didn't even let get past Hollywood.

Why all the fuss you say? Well, I don't rightly know. I DO know that this proves, even further, that I'm just not in touch with the average American, and frightening as it may sound, I'm much more in touch with Paula than Randy. They've (by 'they' I mean 'The Man', 'Suits', etc.) axed my favorite shows in the past two years without giving them a chance ('Love Monkey' and 'Studio 60') and I'm crying along with Paula as I watch Melinda Doolittle's tears flow when she gets the standing O after Tuesday's performance. I've always been known to shed sympathetic tears for a lady now and then, and my daughter seems to be waiting on the edge of her seat to stare me down and laugh at me when I do. Yeah, and it's not just sympathetic tears either. Hallmark commercials, extremely inspired musical performances and Nic Cage movies do it to me also, and all for different reasons.

In reality, today's post it similar to yesterday's post in that I'm begging and pleading for America to stand up and be heard. Let's not promote mediocrity just because it comes in a pretty package, unless the pretty package is really what it's all about (and what's pretty about Taylor Hicks?). Just because Idol sucks 3 hours of our lives away from us each week, is no reason to be angry and vote for Sanjaya. Truth be told, I pulling for Haley Scarnato to turn things around, and start taking this thing seriously. She's got nothing to lose, and nowhere to go but up! And, boy, ain't she pretty!

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